The soul has much to say

Celestial Orchid...

Watching her glow
leaves me speechless

Mind bending cumulus
Perfect white veil

So tightly wrapped
Her form…unparalleled

Feeding off her beauty
soothes the beast within

The universe sees her
but not through my eyes

Frozen alabaster droplets
A reflection of her skin

The northern wind plays
with her silk crown

The hunger for this vision
I impart to my lips

Kisses that begin
at the shoulder  

…and never end

My hands join
the seductive frenzy

Fingertips set ablaze
leave my mark

My celestial orchid
pulls me toward ambrosia

as I kiss her softness
breathe in her tenderness
As always the moon
bows in defeat

For none…shine brighter

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Celestial Orchid...

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