once upon a time

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You're all making your first communion.
Learnt the catechism by rote, all good wee
catholic boys. No girls, in our class, oh no,  
they were all banished, over there. Demarcation
line firmly drawn, if not imprinted in stone.

Co-ed in principle, but do not mix, you are
all good catholic lads. I confess, what,
all my sins give's a chance, haven't got
that far yet. Ah what about original sin.
Original what, damned if I do, damned
if I don't. Firmly stamped inside my mind
is my catholic burka of impending doom.

Routine settles in, go to confession, go to
Communion, don't question your faith.
Mine, I'm only here because I was told,
you're making your first communion. Good
catholic boy now, do as I'm told. Proper
obeisance to priests. Don't think so, I removed
the burka from my mind a long time ago.

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