once upon a time

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This languor can be intense.
Albeit a contradiction, languor and
intensity. The way I'm feeling right
about now is; intense waiting in my
slothful manner for something to happen.

Won't mind what it is, this something.
Just suffice to say as long as it happens, soon
Then we can bloom, rotten rhyme, but what
The hell, passing the time until that something
comes along. Maybe get a buzz on  never know
just bring it on, this slothful manner is most appealing.
Get up and dance, move, can't stay in one place.

Waiting, well, good at that, thinking bring it on down
can't wait around. Got the buzz going down.
little bit high, far away from being low, simply
intense in my most slothful manner come on in
tell were you been. You' all right, me, I'm intense
in my most slothful manner.

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