once upon a time

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Moonlight glowing against an
Indigo sky lights up the earth.
Slowly drifting in, dark clouds
form a crown of light, an aureole
of shifting light, creating shadows.

Would that we could, embrace the light.
Let it yield its mysteries that indigo light is
A Lovers night, to walk and whisper innocuous
Phrasings, oft heard are voices asking timidly do
You think on such a surreal night I might ask
For the one I love, to hold my hand?  Accept
my proposal of living together for all our lives.

Under such an indigo moonlight backdrop, it’s
natures way of showing, where we need to be.
This joyous moment in time has spliced through
many a protraction. In the not so distant future
we all shall have a family, nieces, nephews, aunts
and uncles raising a glass to a spectacular indigo night.

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