once upon a time

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Alls good with the world, isn't it.
Has to be, I'm sitting here in comfort
There can't be strife anywhere. after all
I would have made an annoying sound
One of, why should the media show despair

Don't they realize alls good in my world
Why do they show me such atrocities?
it's over there not here. In my home all is
peaceful and as I mentioned, alls good in my world
Not that I don't care, but would they not
Annoy me as I relax in my nice big chair
Might make me get up and pace around

Oh oh here's the heart wrenching shot, child
Dying why bring it into my living room
What good will it do, alls well in my world?
Turn that 42 inch screen off, what can I do
Put the tea on get something to eat, I'm starving
You know,it is wonderful, when alls good in my world

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