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MY Life

Life is my school,
Every scene is a workshop,
My teachers are all around me,
All interactions are my lessons,
Which needs to be learned ,
and discerned in life.

The real lessons of life,
do not need to be remembered,
Real learning has nothing to do
with remembering things.
because one never forget it.

Real lessons teaches me a lot of things,
in my life, and I can choose,
what I should do and what actions
to take  in my own life.
It is my own choice and I can decide, and ,
my destiny will be based on my own decision.

Today, let me take time to ponder ,
on what real learning taught me,
and treasure the things, what real
learning conveyed to me in this life.

Author notes
All my poems are from my life experiences. My life taught me a lot.Some of my decisions I took in my life were wrong but I take my own responsibility and moved on. These decisions taught me a lesson to learn and I progressed in my life. D