The soul has much to say

Birthday Angel...


I wasn't there
when you took
your first breath

I miss the world
being held captive
in your eyes of purity

Your first steps
I would've committed
to memory

Still I remember
how you spoke
with your hands

Precious moments
Sticking out your tiny chin
for me to kiss

Those little hands
Saying hello
waving goodbye

The first time you
reached for me
so I could lift you

closer to Heaven

You're growing so fast
All of five years old
is the littlest angel I know

Always praying
for the Lord to
guide your steps

Often thinking
what your favorite
color might be

What flavor
of ice cream
makes you smile

I can see you
dancing today
for no reason at all

Like your dreams of
wonder and curiosity
I'll fade away

but know that
I love you as if
you were my own

Not a day will pass
that I won't ask Him
to keep you…protect you

Happy Birthday Princess


With love,
…a memory

Stevie Wonder Isnt She Lovely

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Birthday Angel...

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