once upon a time

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When tragedy strikes what do you do.
Its happen so suddenly all that was and
ever was has become so untrue.
Hoping for comfort to help you through the
pain of being bereft of all that you once held dear.
A lovers heart you seek to comfort you..

The sudden tragic loss of family or friend, what can
 you say, when to eternity they have fled.
All you hope is you will be led down along the path
of accepting the loss of a loved one. Never can you
accept that the tragedy of living in the world is that
someone you love can suddenly be snatched, lost
from your embrace. The beautiful sound of their
cherrful shout you shall never hear again…

Their voice when heard, always a moment of joy.
Now all you have is the silence of tears. All you know is
that tragedy has entered your life, and nothing will ever
be the same again. It seems that each new day you'll
always spend alone. The tragedy is, that life go's on.

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