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A - Always be true and faithful to your God, Family and Country
B - Be ever vigilant to everything going on around you
C - Compassion is one of man's greatest virtues
D - Diplomacy is good, but it doesn't always work
E - Education is one of the best attributes to have in life
F - Flexibility is a positive reaction to a bad situation
G - God always comes first no matter what you do in life
H - Help those who can't help themselves
 I - Intelligence will always win over muscle
J - Journey through life with an open heart and mind
K - Kindness never hurt anyone in life
L - Love your family and always put their needs before your own needs
M - Make time for those closest to your heart each day
N - Never give in, never give up as you go through life
O - Open up all of your senses and take in all of natures beauty
P - Perseverance will always win in the end
Q - Quietly do what you can for others without ever boasting about it
R - Remember always God is first, Family is second and you are third
S - Satisfaction is knowing that you tried and that you did your best
T - To have tried and lost is more rewarding than to have never tried at all
U - United we will stand - Divided we will fall
V - Variety always makes life more interesting and less boring
W - When you see the brass ring in life, grab it with both hands and hang on tight
X - X may mark the spot, but if you don't do your part you'll never find a treasure
Y - Yelling and screaming at someone never works, it only breeds contempt
Z - Zealots can be really crazy and very unpredictable and very dangerous too  

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

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