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 Temp Job That Did Not Happen

NOTE:  This is a follow-up to God Intervenes

When accounts payable temp job failed
God's ultimate timing and plan prevailed
I want to share lessons I learned with you
With my speculation in what happened too

Once a sleep scheduled has been established
Continue to keep it so I am always prepared
Any project is never guaranteed it will begin
Until confirmation by agency is finally given

When agency first contacted me about position
It would be short-term up to two weeks duration
While company upgraded and learned new system
They needed extra help in accounts payable then

Another applicant had backed out right before me
Maybe they also waited for a long time as I perceive
Agency said delays were noted with company before
With another temp employee currently working there

Discussions between accounting manager and HR
Seemed to reflect different views of project there
A week after my background check was approved
Determination was made that no help was needed

Companies who seek assistance from an agency
Should consider all options beforehand carefully
What does it say about the company's reputation
If they drop a project and delay agency notification

Especially during times of record unemployment
With many job seekers looking for employment
Agencies should include penalties in negotiations
Requiring companies to fulfill contract obligations

It is not fair to the job applicant nor to the agency
When a company drops a project without hesitancy
Agencies spend hours to find qualified candidates
Therefore companies should be more considerate

Lord, I am grateful you protected me for a reason
More than I can understand in this tough season
I know You have something much better in store
In Your timing, You will lead me to the right door

Carol S. 1/19/12

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