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I ask you to appreciate,
Things that God does alleviate;
Causing you so many struggles,
That is adding to your troubles.

For those leaders that God does send,
Will work with you until the end;
Mentoring as they instruct you,
And helping for seeing you through.

I ask to love like a brother,
Respecting them as no other;
Think highly and listen to them,
What they may say do not condemn.

Live in peace through both day and night,
Teach those who are not living right;
Cheer them up as you help the weak,
Be patient for what they may seek.

Always try to do what is good,
Be joyful as you always should;
Give thanks whatever takes place,
God will comfort and give you grace.

Honor God with what is pleasing,
And keep praying without ceasing;
The will of God in Jesus Christ,
Blesses you if merits sufficed.

Quench not fire from the Spirit,
Let not its power to limit;
Do not despise what God reveals,
It will get you through tight ordeals.

Copyright   2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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