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I only had you with me,
for few months ; it
seems such a short period of time.
I planned a lot of things for you,
But,I lost a lifetime of hopes.

We  both are apart now,but,
you remain in my heart.
Your spirit lives with me,
Forever while I am alive.

Wherever I painted your picture ,
all washed away with water.
I brushed your name in my heart
And it remains there forever.

I remember my little angel,
gone to the arms of God,
You are safe in God's house,
You stay well there, but,
You always remain in our memories.

Adikaran 19/01/12
Author notes
People plan a lot of things during the pregnancy. But when miscarriage occurs it feels like they lost everything in their life. It is very devastating phase for a woman.
I believe they will overcome this phase in their life with their strength and courage.D

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