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The timing was great, the season was right
The conditions were perfect, temperature and light
The ground had been troubled for so long now
It needed to be harvested some way, some how
Along comes this farmer with go seed to sow
He prepared his seed and began to throw
As the winds of time blew the seed did fly
And some fell along the wayside
No fruit would come on harvest day
Because the birds came and took the seed away
Like words of inspiration so strong so true
Bringing promise for tomorrow and life anew
But not long after reality set in
And a need to hear those words again
The truth can never do its part
If it doesn’t penetrate into the heart
Just has the ground must first be prepared
For the seed that will be planted there
So the heart must be purged inside
A rid itself of hatred and pride
The farmer will return one day to sow
Next time allow the seeds to grow
J. Moore
Matt 13-19

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