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 Pegasus Princess

Reach for Me (writing prompt #1) wings2fly2heaven

I struggled with this writing prompt at first because I started writing my predictable classic rhymes.  
Then finally it came to me.  I had to 'pretend' to be those climbing leaves.

"Reach for Me"
Written January 27, 2012

(Inspired by writing prompt from SPP)

Our foundation's built by roots so strong,

We're entwined by loving arms that reach for the sky.

Holding one another from the very beginning with one divine purpose.

We will never let go of hope.

So together we ascend…growing and connecting with one another.

And placed into our reason for being, before our season ends by nature's dictation…

Still we wonder.

"What will become of everyone?  For do we not have choices along this journey"?

Ahead of us branches of our life deviate from what we know.  "To whom shall we cling"?

We cannot break!  Only sway and bend.

We hold one another as we discover our common connection.

Heaven's waiting on us with grace and patience.

His voice can be heard from high above.


"I've given you purpose,
I've provided a strong foundation,
please reach for me,
my sun is waiting".

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