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Answer Me

Tell me why do you love me?
Tell me why do you want me?
Tell me why do you do things for me?
Tell why you can't stand me?.

I need to get the answer
to all the above  questions,
I am waiting for you, to give me the answer,
The days have passed,I am still waiting,
I did not get any answer.

I decided to take one question at a time
and asked him, Why do you love me?
He told me that he can't take his eyes from
me when he looks into my beautiful eyes.
He loves me because the care and attention
I give it to him every day and night at home.

He told me he wants me more and more,
and he does things for me because he knows me,
how tired i am after doing all the work at home,
he wanted to help me more and more at home.

he told me he can't stand me,
when I am angry because
He can't stand my temper.

Author notes
I dedicate this to my sister. She is very beautiful just opposite of me. We use to call beauty and beast when we were young. She has a very bad temper and argues a lot to win her view point. She works very hard to bring up her family. This is about her. When i saw the contest I thought of writing about her. D

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Answer Me