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Mess In The Kitchen

I was cooking in the kitchen.
My grand child comes over and said,
I want to help you in the kitchen,
and child climbs over the chair,
Get a big spoon and ready to help.

She takes few eggs and smack it ,
on to the bowl with dough and sugar,
she stir and stir with her big spoon,
spinning that big bowl around on table,
She then pours into a greased tray,
and stick it into the oven for baking.

She washes all the dishes in the running
water, with hot and cold water,
She spilled water allover her clothes,
water all around,on the floor ,on chair.

The child is frightened now, because the mother
comes with a frown shouting at the girl
and says I have to clean up all the mess now.

That was a lot of help from my grandchild ,
to work in the kitchen and I am sure ,
the child  enjoyed it fully for a while.

Now the mother must clean up the mess,
But at the end, the child can remember,
that she enjoyed the helping hand, she had given,
to her grandma in the kitchen with a smile.

Adikaran 22/01/12.
Author notes
This is the true story of my grand daughter. She likes mixing things and she will make mess on the table. She will try to clean before her mother comes to the kitchen and that will make more mess on the table. I love my child,her innocence,helping nature everything.D