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Abbot  Hall

All the exits are closed
excitement's at fever pitch;
in the ladies sewing class
some one's dropped a stitch.
The windows are all closed
and some one's locked the door,
a careful search is being made
of every inch of floor.
There hiding in the corner
in a little giggling fit
my friend Heather Newson
is enjoying every bit.
A final last recount
of every single one
proves that with out a doubt
not a stitch has gone.
Calmness is renewed,
there reigns an air of peace,
the course is nearly over
almost time for release.
The hotel staff relax
everything went right
and they never ever had
to break up a single fight.
My friend Heather Newson
with excitement has been fired
but now she's on her way home
happy but rather tired.


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Abbot Hall