once upon a time

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Easily the day slips gently into evening.
Darkness eases out the light, night has begun'
The certainty of dawn is that night follows day.
All the troubles built up in the light of day can
be pushed aside, until tomorrow.

Rest in the darkness, no harm can invade your soul.
Slip into an embrace with the one you love, speak softly
about nothing. The darkness belongs to us, the day is gone.
Forgetting all that was done and not done. Can't do anything
about it now. We hold the world at bay, even though it's only
through the stillness of a dark night. We two exist wrapped
in a cocoon of love. The dark shields us from prying minds.

Night time is when we cross over into togetherness, holding
each other we feel love and peace, the darkness push's all
troubles aside. Sleep gently, upon the dawning, Daylight
rushes back bringing life's problem to our minds. Remember
we had the solace of darkness, and it guaranteed tonight.

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