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My Inner World

My happy place is a place, where,
No one comes in other than me,
I decide who comes in, and who goes out,
There are no arguments, or fights with anyone,
You feel no pain, or worries about anything,
Children play happily, people are like family,
There is no looting or crime, people are safe,
This is the place inside me, my inner world,
Not any fear of letting your emotions wanders,
Where peace, love, happy, and bliss exist.
This is my happy place where I can get,
All the answers to my questions, and
I can hear my inner voice, talking to me.
My happy place is, my inner world,
Where I go, every day for peace,
Happiness, love and bliss,
And I receive all these qualities from,
My Supreme Father,The Divine,
the ocean of all virtues, who lives there.
Author notes
My inner world is the place I get all information I wanted and I get all my nourishment from my Divine.I receive a lot of love and happiness there. D