The soul has much to say

There she is...

Early dinner with friends
Impromptu celebration
My departure mirrors
the descent of the sun
My best friend rediscovered
his wife…his family
He's living my dream
but he doesn't know it
Two Spanish pixies
bless me with kisses
as my nieces say
It's a long walk home
Going to be one
of those nights
The heart doesn't lie
Bathing in the midnight sun

Matching a memory
to every star I see
Silver clouds passing by
Unfulfilled dreams are they

Sensual recall
Making love
without boundaries
Supernatural union

Like Indian summer in February

Staring at
my front door
Shadows wait
to welcome me home

Looking at
the north star
One last wish
as I close my eyes

There she is

The heart
doesn't lie
It's going to be
a long night

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There she is...

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