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The barriers are too high,
made of the strongest steel,
restricting your existence,
forbidding you to feel.
In the coldest hour,
of this darkest day,
I have have reached our barrier,
I cannot stay,
For fear of the resentment,
The future will hold,
No change to excite over,
the circular track unfolds.
I'm tired, I tried,
I announced...
And you cried.
My heart broke in two,
To be fair, it was never whole,
I was never allowed all of you,
But I gave you my soul.
I took the chance,
The certificate will change it all,
I predicted long ago,
That we would eventually fall.
To stay would leave a void in me,
That I had reached my reason,
But you are my reason,
without you I have none.
The frustration cuts me,
brings images to life,
beyond what I can control,
those that should be dormant in my mind.
I have chosen to be the enemy,
I'm sure your bloods will agree,
but what is the difference,
That's how they have always viewed me.
Do I stay?
knowing I will never push through?
Knowing what you offer is not enough?
just accept that that is you?
It will be painful,
you will never understand...
but my heart holds so much love,
that I can no longer stand.
I see the wretched rejection,
my acceptance will be never,
I have encountered too much pain,
I thought my love could make it better.
Thank you though,
To you I owe my life,
You saved me for little while,
making me your wife.
I'm sorry for the heart ache,
but you hurt me too,
I was never enough,
I love you x

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