once upon a time

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Now that ain’t natural.
Leastways not the way I learnt to spell.
Though who am I to question the art of spelling?
Can’t even spell hatural
Sorry, meant natural. Checked the dictionary.

If I was playing for high stakes in the spelling game
There would be lots of heartache.
Found out I can’t and shan’t rely on spell check.
Got a lot of them there things called, let me think
Oh aye I know dictionary’s. Fourteen at last count
No point having them if I ain’t using em.

Now where was I? Oh yes, sitting here all smart and arty.
Not a word from any of you.
I know what rhymes with arty and it sure as hell isn’t smarty.
Okay, lets get back to hatural.
If you find it makes sense to write this sh--e
Then we’re all hatural people.

Gotta have a laugh.
John Mc Guckin/johnoe

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