once upon a time

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Ach it's a long story, I'll tell you the short one.
Why? Maybe the long one would be more enlightening.
At least I may have a clue what you're on about.

Now I don't even want to hear the short one
I know it will be as boring as the long one.
So what's it gonna be? Short story, long story?
Why not just encapsulate it all in one sentence?
For instance, it happened and we all ended up in court.
Or we didn't do anything, and we all went quietly home.

Either way I couldn't care less.
But how often do we hear 'ach, I'll tell you the short story'?
On it goes and on and on. Thank god for the short story.  
We would be here all night listening to the long story.
This is getting to be a long story. I'll tell you the short one!!!

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