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An Old lady's Life

This is my story of an eighty years old lady,
I aged very soon in the last eight years,
I like to live for another eight years,
I am waiting til i am eighty eight.

I have eight children and all are fine,
I have eighteen grandchildren and
the first grandchild is twenty eight
and the last grand son is eight years old.

I was married for forty eight long years,
and a widow for the last eight years,
I am all alone for the last eight years.
One of my daughter lives eight miles away,
and it takes eighteen minutes to come home.

I have not been out from my home,
for the last eight days, because of snow,
I brought milk bread and eggs for eight pounds,
I do not have anything at home to eat for the next eight days.
I worry eight hours and I am awake for eight hours
and i sleep for eight hours and  my day finished in no time.


Author notes
This is the story of an eighty year old lady who lives in our lane. D