once upon a time

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Swiftly the seasons of our lives flow away.
Here we stand, one day so alive and virile.
Next day we are laid low.
Time has flown and we look back
In the autumnal season of our lives.

Joy and regrets commingle throughout the years.
Side by side we stood as flowers in springtime
Waved serenely in our lives.
Standing here thinking of all those seasons of the heart.
Sadly the lights that once shone so brightly have dimmed today.  
Memories of yesterday fading away.

My love for all those old times and old friends shall never fade.
Today I hope and pray that all the seasons left will treat me kindly.
I shall wander and give thanks for all the reasons of my life
Without all my memories I would not be the person I am today..
Now I shall thank God for all the seasons of my life.

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