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Jukebox Friday...


Riverside Sports Bar
Catching the scores
Downing the house special
Cheeseburger and fries

...coleslaw on the side

Place seems full
My boys aren't late
Valentines' weekend
Priorities are a must

Regular waitress
is off tonight
Noticed by the new girl
Pretty replacement

Restful weekend ahead
Extreme R&R
Maybe I'll catch a movie
Maybe I'll take a drive

Someone's reading my mind
Song C-45 fills the room
Mouthing the words
of a classic

I'm not the only one

Washing down dinner
Another cold one appears
"On the house", she says
Thoughtful gesture

Creature of habit
Same booth
Same meal
She's a quick study

Flawless introduction
My presence requested
after closing
It's not what I think

Intriguing offer

Living in the moment
Different atmosphere
Does anything good
happen at 3am?

Déjà vu
Song C-45
Beautiful mystery
wants to dance

Unique form
One arm around my neck
the other at her side
My hands cup her waist

She set the song

…for repeat

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Jukebox Friday...

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