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It was really just to much to hope for really
That we had made it all the way to February
With virtually no snow or that freezing wind

It's been in the high 40's and even low 50's
We had no measurable snow at all to to shovel
No ice or freezing rain to slip and fall on

It has been the best winter ever on record here  
And we Michiganders had been in absolute heaven
The young ones wanted snow but not us old folks

But alas all good things must & do come to an end
And sure enough as we woke up this morning to find
That old man winter and his Attic blast had arrived

So now we can hardly see out of our window panes
They are now covered with a most frosty coating
Making them opaque and now blocking our viewing

Just when we thought we'd escaped old man winter
We wake up to find a foot of snow and bitter cold
A howling wind blowing and it's only 14 degrees

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Oh how my aching bones hate this bitter cold that
unfortunately has finally caught up to us and it's now
ruined what had been a very mild & promising winter.

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