The soul has much to say

Beast of burden...(from the Recycled Collection)


Explicit attention
Holding back the truth
Surface rhetoric
of what truly lies beneath

Tightening the noose
around the beast of burden
The calling of my heart
when it comes to you

Living without you
cannot be done
Growing sicker to my core
with each passing day

Merely filling in the blanks
until my time is done
Like writing the greatest song ever
then having the words disappear
Feeling the roll
of the tide coming in
Yet my shore remains dry
The look upon the face
of the deep


Every step keeps me
from being stagnant
The same used bring me
to your doorstep

My every breath lessens
the moments of my mortality
The same used to inhale
your sweet savor

No more pretending
No more smiles while
being soulfully viscerated
Trying to set myself free

I want you
All of you
The best of you
as well as

the rest of you

Crazy confession
I can't even tell you why
Except you get to me
in ways that can't be defined

I both love and despise you for it

Making love to you
Pushing my mind and
spirit to the limit
A stitch in time

worth dying for

Every now and then
Looking at my hands
Remembering every curve
of your soft landscape

Sipping the concoction
of both passion and curiosity
Still to this day
I thirst

The sun will rise
and set tomorrow
I'll still be
in love with you

The world has much to offer
You're my only desire
No matter who's holding
you tonight
He's...on borrowed time

For that beast
I've spoken of
is about to be

I'm ready to consume you

once again    

(Written April 5, 2007)

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Beast of burden...(from the Recycled Collection)

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