Sun shining all day
Didn't go out to play
Bird up in a tree over there
Fly away to somewhere
Need to bake a cake
Have a tummy ache
Still in my pajama's
That's what happens to the mama's
Living here alone
Sunday restful home
You go on down the road
I'll write my heavy load
Alone behind the mirror
Sixteen again comes clear
Through the glass you gave
When I was twenty maybe
It all going to be okay
Give up on the ulcers of today
And let them fly away
Just like that bird in that tree
Out my window going free
Sailing on to other places
When he gets old without disgraces
Of a failing body flying
He's still living as he's dying
So I'll take a tip from him
Be the girl behind the mirror again
That never seems to go behind
Young thang that just wants to rhyme
Another song
No matter how long
It takes to come around
Behind the mirror her sound
That plays in in her mind
Angry then kind
Because life's not going to be fair
Getting way up here in age
Is just another turning of the page
Oh life
Happiness and strife
Going to come around
Like your garden gate
Telling you not to hate
The old that once was new
Because it will happen to all of you
So you take it
If you have to fake it
See it this way
Many songs play
As the brown turns to silver
Fearful thoughts inside they quiver
You just let them go
Because next will be the show
Of silver turning into gold
You go on being old.

2/12/2012 1635 cj

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