ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Gonna get what's mine

One way or another,

Reparations for me,

And my sisters and brothers,

I ain't blind like Steve Wonder,

With big black boots

I'll stomp your door down

And strike you like thunder,

Don't get me mixed up,

Thinking I'm Ray Charles,

I'm swinging Coconuts

Not... little white balls,

I came here looking for victory

And I am prepared to Die,

Forty acres and a mule...

Just another one of your lies!

Keep your jail cells,

Modern day plantations,

I'll stick you up,

Or you can just give me my reparations,

Playing with me

Is like having a losing hand

In a game of homicide,

Find someone

Or something else to play with

Mr. Masturbator,

If I don't get you now...

You can bet I'll get you later,

I'm a black anomaly,

That you are unable to cage,

I've got 500 years of justifiable rage

Fulminating up inside of me

And it ain't nothing you can do

That you haven't already done to me,

Cannot be stopped by your Co's, police, or infantry,

I'm about to explode

From a overload

Functioning in the full automatic….. mode,

Becoming frantic,

From Oakland to the Atlantic,

And I am smart enough to know,

That only action and bloodshed in the street

Will bring my people victory and you defeat,

Nothing less than that will cause you to let my people go,

Anything short of that is insanity,

My people will never truly know liberty,

From sea to shining sea

In ameriKKKa...

We will never be Free,

Until we get,

And stay,


Old folks always making an excuse,

Get in the back...

The future is with the youth!

Abu Lateef Babatunde


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