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I had Shep at a time when dogs could roam
Although he never strayed far from home,
He`d sit on the step and watch over his domain
Shep `the king` with supremacy he did reign.


If a strange dog dared to enter the street
You can rest assured his exit was fleet,
Shep wouldn`t stand for strangers on his patch
And for Shep the other dogs were no match.

First of all he`d make his presence known
By barking telling them it was his zone,
On seeing Shep the dogs took the hint
And off down the street they would sprint.

He`d stand up at the window when in the yard
The yard was reflected and he was on guard,
He was watching for a stray cat or two
He`d be off like a shot his enemy he`d pursue.

In the house he was a pussycat indeed
He`d jump on Dad`s knee with such great speed
His head on Dad`s shoulder he would lay
On his back with legs akimbo he would stay.


Dad used to travel to work on a moped
One day he spotted Dad and off he sped
With a giant leap Shep jumped up at Dad
He washed Dad`s face that dog was mad.

A little old lady saw this occur
And I can tell you she got quite a scare
She thought my Dad was being attacked
But Shep was just greeting him to be exact.

Draped round his neck he washed Dad`s face
So glad to see him - that dog was a case,
Dad had to stop the moped then and there
Before they both went flying in the air.

I could do nothing but laugh `til I cried
The lady stood there with mouth open wide
She was taken aback that`s for sure
`Cause she had seen nothing like it before.


He`d deliver notes to my aunty from Mum
Tucked in his collar the reply would come
He would play postman between the two
He was a character through and through.

He was my first dog and when he died
My world fell apart and oh how I cried
But as time has passed I can now smile
For the good times we had if only for a while.


copyrightę2012 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170


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