Adikaran's Poetry

Weird Sisters

My sisters are running here there,
And everywhere in the house,
They are the weird sisters,
I felt like writing my sister's
Names above house in colors,
So that we speak your names.

People can see your
Names above houses,
We speak your names,
Every time, in celebrations.
If I want anything or ask it is given
To me, by my all sisters.
They call me," little sister" and I told them,
Little sister is not my name.
The love of sisters are shared well
With me, and to my parents.

One day we all stay together,
On the name of love,
We took the pledge,
To remain as human beings,
We went out to buy a book,
Called, human being.

And we brought the book,
Jesus likes to call as "human being".
Because Jesus saw his task of
Helping people, and he become truly human.

When I and my sisters finished
Reading all these books we are ready
To write the comments about each book
And all the weird sisters can share
And learn from the comments.

Adikaran 13/02/12.

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