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My prompt is stand,
I cannot think of any verse,
I do not know where I am going,
I do not know what I am writing,
May be it was just misfortune,
May be it is the design of contest,
I wish someone could help me,
To write this poem for me,
I will stand in faith,
and write this for me,
Even when I feel I cannot write,
I will stand in faith,
Knowing that my divine will help,
You do not stand and look at me,
Because I am brave to write,
Start from where I stand ,
and I will forget the past,
The past will not help me to write,
I can leave all behind,
And stand in faith,then
The poetry will flow,
From my heart to the paper,
Do not give up the days which were past,
Start from where I stand,
Forget all the old defeats,
And start as new if I need success,
It is the brand new trial for my success,
Future is for me and the old failures,
Will not halt and get in and face it unafraid,
Take courage,be brave and look ahead,
Start from where I stand.
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