Walkin on Air

Wonder, Wonder, Wonder...

Aye, for him that waits upon a promise right
reward will come when all seems lost:
obscurity to clear sight turns
and sorrow into joy;
at last is reached that distant goal
so costly laboured for:
the sunrise of long lost love
bedecks expectant souls
standing on the timeless shore
of hope, trust and passion...

So, where will it all end
I wonder,
could I have been wrong?
Wishful thought
did it blind me
or was it judgment awry?
Perhaps cost of lesson learned
justifies excruciating pain;
yet somehow, without you
I'm just half a man.

I reach out to touch you
but you are not there,
yet I see you as in a mist
of obscure desires
floating freely in my seared memory;
willing you nearer and nearer
only to wake shivering
at the bottom of shattered confusion:
when did you leave?
are you coming back?

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Wonder, Wonder, Wonder...

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