Walkin on Air

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Three sisters dear
were to enter Heaven here
when ol' St. Peter said,
"Please step this way
do not delay
as a question you answer must
before you join the just."

Slight giggles are heard.
The sisters think, 'absurd
is this silly test;
yet we shall do our best."

Peter thundered, creation wondered,
"Sister Agatha, who was the first man?"
She paused a mite, smiled a lite, said,
" Oh that's an easy one, Adam!"
Called Peter, "Step right in, dear maid."

"Sister Bethyl, who was the first woman?"
Peter again quizzed, "if you can."
Shrugging her shoulders then she said,
"Oh that's an easy one, Eve!"
Called Peter, "Step right in, dear maid."

"Sister Beula! what was first said to Adam by Eve?"
Peter saw her pause and wonder.
"Oh, that's a hard one..." she sighed and said.
Called Peter, "Step right in, dear maid."    

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Restricted Entry

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