Walkin on Air

They Call it Puppy Love

Clumsy yet determined to excel:
growing limbs, head, ears
who can tell?
Squiggly eyes, mischievous glints,
emotional and feeling fears;
you are the ultimate puppy to me.

Sorry, but have to discipline you a bit,
can't let you all over the house shit;
won't to everything cater.
And don't use the sofa as bone-crater
or come back and dig it later.

Got you a milk-bone for teething,
no issue there little friend;
yet eating my shoes
sets me seething .

About your daily park walk?
We have to have a little talk:
can't just let you scare the kids
with excited barking,
chasing them where the cars are parking
so Suzy slips and Tommy on his bike skids.

Anyhow time for your dinner then to sleep,
while Earth and Heaven delights
Stars and Moon for joy weep:
sweet puppy dreams in love alights.

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They Call it Puppy Love

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