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The coldness of this world touches my heart;
I shiver… then parry and attack.
My flesh becomes like stone, as does my soul;
Competition drives me to demand my place.
Pain, agony, combat, anger;
Weapons used to demand my piece of the pie.
The American dream becoming a nightmare,
Selfish souls hunger for even more.
Shredding the weak, devouring the foes;
Spitting out the bones of those in the way.
I stand up and look at the destitution…
Lowering my sword… then my shield;
My hands open and they drop
To the blood drenched soil.
Entering my chest, an axe plunges;
Warmth fades slowly to coldness.

My eyes reopen to the bright sun;
Then they squint at it's glory.
I see the battle raging all around me,
But I am no longer a child of this world.
Warmth opens my heart to love and peace;
Tranquility rules my ship's destiny.
No longer a member of the rat race;
My tail falls off. Cheese no longer beckons.
Gentleness is my shield; kindness my sword;
For the magical illusion has been broken.
My path is completely different now,
As I walk off the battlefield.
Stillness, joy, truth, love;
The healing balm to my new heart.
The light of the eastern star
Has freed me from myself.

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