once upon a time

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Lean on me. Weep quiet tears upon my shoulder.
Let me rock you gently.
With the closing of your eyes comes the freedom of sleep.
When you awake you can lean on me.

All the crying, hurting, cursing, screaming
Are lost in the freedom 0f sleep.
We walk and talk, laugh and shout in the freedom of dreams.
In sleep we touch lightly upon he, she,those we loved.
The one we grieve for gives us their shoulder to cry on.
When you awake lean on me I will be your rock.

Although I cannot fathom the finality of suicide
I shall always be at your side, a shoulder to cry on.
Lonesome times ahead.
But together we will try to go to places we remember.
Places where we had good times.
Then at night, during the freedom of sleep
You can walk and talk in dreams once again.
Memories will warm you and you will have a shoulder to cry on.

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