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Valentines day

Valentine's Day means to me,
Is the love towards me from God?
He is my valentine and I,
Presented to him the red rose.

You can express your love,
to the people you appreciates,
It can be sentimental or romantic
Or it can be funny too on Valentine's Day.

God always shows me sunshine and rain,
The luminosity of the shine,
And the silent sound of rain drops,
Both guarantee the brilliance.

God shows us the love we share,
Lets us share our love for one another,
And the trust you had given me,
I can prove my friendship is true.

Valentine's Day means to me,
The love of my friends, who trusted me,
Because without them, I will be all alone,
I am presenting a red rose to all my friends
on this valentine's day.

Adikaran 10/02/12

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Valentines day