You would come here
Get in your car and go
Are you really sure
That you want to know
The real of me
Skin muscle bone
Sweat tears blood of alone
In this little town
That I stay around
Where's there's owls outside
Here I hide
Behind this old computer screen
Feeling like my old is mean
Writing away the hours
With the powers
Of the word
You have heard
Saying nothing
Full of the stuffing
Of your likes
I want you to come
Oh precious one
A hope for tomorrow
To end the sorrow
That I cannot seem to let go of
In order to love
Someone as you
Practical and probably true
I shall prepare
In case you do care
For the part of me you see on line
As I am not sure if the real me is fine
Enough for a man again
To be more than a friend
Because that is all men are to me now
I have to get over the pain somehow
To love again
To love today
To tease and smile and laugh away
All the pain that lead me here
I start crying when I think you might care
It is the way
Of tears they say
Oh thank you kindly
Just learn to love me blindly
Then if you cannot see clear
I will loan you my glasses dear
You will get dizzy and fall down
But I will bring you back around
Up off the floor
Because you know I'm more
Than the lost child who's tears run down her face
Who made mistakes and was disgraced
Coming from the land of broken wings
You heal her now hear how she sings
Will worship you
If any truth at all comes through
From your brown eyes to my brown eyes
Exalt you as the best of guys for me
Oh my dear, how can you see
From way over there
I'm here
Up late
I wait
For a return of the King
To bring
Something more
Than men have ever given me before
Which is a way
To save my silly life today
Sing a song
Make it long
Write it in your mind as you go
I'll be here cleaning up you know
After not caring for so long
Just because I have dream you could belong
A hope that we could someday be
Us, instead of you and me.

2/23/2012 0236 cj

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