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Motion picture movie came out in theaters last year
Powerful message and challenge for fathers to hear
We all can influence a child by doing what is right
I saw it with some friends at my church Friday night

Story of “handy-man”, four police officers and family
True to life situations affecting everyone in our society
There is only one answer please don’t miss it at the end
Journey with me placing yourself in each scene my friend

Man with a wife and two small children laid off from his job
He tells wife God will provide, but she is so worried and sobs
Soon he accepts an offer at a construction site, but is not needed
His cries to God and mistaken identity leads to build shed heeded

Later this same man is working a new permanent job in a factory
Boss notes his great work and offers him a promotion in inventory
But he must mark boxes as one short, turns out to be a test all along
Next day gets job after declining, took integrity to say it was wrong

Lead role police officer loses 9-year-old daughter in tragic accident
Killed by drunken driver with family deeply grieved by the incident
God used that difficult time to bring the father to his point of need
Sought help from pastor in healing and commitment to family indeed

Second police officer by his father not being around caused him distress
Third officer fathered a child without taking responsibility nonetheless
Fourth officer was divorced and arrested for drug smuggling at station
Each one and handy-man made a commitment in their family situation

Lead role officer starting running to spend quality time with his son
As a family, they learned better communication between everyone
The father went to the last place he watched his daughter dance
Granted her wish by dancing, releasing her to God in that instance

Second officer read a letter he wrote and left at his father’s grave
Took teenage daughter on a date and explained the ring he gave
His responsibility as a father to protect her for God’s chosen man
Wear it as a sign of his love until replaced by her wedding band

Third officer wrote a letter to estranged mother of his daughter
Reflecting the change taken place in his heart above all others
Later scenes showed her surprise of a check and note in the mail
Meeting her at a restaurant and house with a gift for the little girl

Fourth officer when visited by the lead role policeman in jail
Admitted he was wrong, asking for forgiveness without fail
Also if he would be a mentor for his son to not end up like him
He graciously agreed and said he would come to visit him again

The only answer mentioned earlier is found in Jesus, God’s Son
That is the change of heart the third officer experienced as his own
As the second officer shared God does not judge good deeds over bad
God revealed his sin and by faith a new relationship with God he had

I am gratefully blessed that I had a godly father who led by his example
Many today grew up in an abusive background from a marriage crumbled
Our society needs more courageous fathers committed to God and family
Fathers, God gives children for a short time, renew today your responsibility

Gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, HIV, teen pregnancy and suicide
Runaways, crime, shootings, high school dropouts, all signs on the outside
These statistics can be greatly reduced when fathers are present in the home
Fathers, spend quality time with your children before they leave on their own

© Carol S. 2/25/12



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