It's cold here
Wondering if you can stand cold feet
On your bare legs in bed

Snuggle up to my dog, Callee
She's a girl
Knows how to snuggle up and get warm

Wonder if you can stand
My hand on the top of your head at night
Or another place I cannot mention

Comforting to lie back to back
Missed the buttock to buttock sleep
For many years now with someone

It's not like I could not call men
They would take me on
And I would turn them on

For some reason
A tent rises up
When they get me alone

Wondering if I will ever have a man again
Not just as a friend, but more
A bond that leaves love making better every time

Sometimes it's doing the dishes
In a dress with no panties on
When the submission to maleness comes

Not a circus performer
I haven't taught my dog to jump through hoops
They are in the garage freezing has only cold plastic can

I want something organic
From the Earth or sky or sea
Plastic comes from oil underground

There's no plastic in the heart of me.

2/26/2012 2000PST cj

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