Transformation in the Making - Contemporary Poetry by Deidre Washington

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Destined to be

                       Destined To Be:

Formally a Queen B the Alpha B the Big B now nothing more than a drone a weakling a worker b.
Looking out for others neglecting thyself because I've been brainwashed to believe they're purpose is greater than my own.
I rely on Big Brother to issue my hopes, dreams, ambitions for its been too long since I've had a single thought of my own.
TV with the media, press conferences, and all day news. Feeding me who to suspect and be fearful of.
What to eat, how to live, what cause to support. How dare you take away my liberties, my voice, my individuality.
Consistently binding my freedom controlling all aspects of my life from a distance.

I drink cause in my neighborhood there's a liquor store on every corner open seven days a week even on Sundays.
I use drugs cause every six steps there's a dealer who carries any and everything “ What's your pleasure”.
I choose to make my money laid on my back giving my grits to a grimy John because his pockets stay fat and he has no love at home.
I have made the choice to demoralize, dehumanize myself to taste just a piece of the Amerikkkan Dream.
Realizing that change is inevitable for longevity of life. If I allow myself to live. I want to be more than a drone.
Back to the top like Big Dawg. I want to sip more than beer I want to pop Champagne.
Id rather be an educated literary than some gutter rat spread open for pennies with all the world to see.

I am the Amerikkkan Dream don't you know as a slave I was the most sought after Fav.
My sun drenched milky skin, wide eyes, swinging hips, sassy attitude with a pout on my lips.
They loved the thought of having me.
I am the Georgia Peach, the Southern Bell, the Queen of the tribe.

Amerikkka took my status away stripped me of all my kingdom.
No more language, no more culture, I've been robbed blind by the same ones who find me so tantalizing and irresistible.
To make matters worse my own king no longer finds me suitable. Suitable for courtship my or motherhood.
I am made to take both roles the Male and Female within my household. To stand alone fighting my own battles.

No Prince on a white horse riding to my rescue. I've been forced to dig my own way out.
That's why I'm bitter evil ready to spit and smash at an given time.
You may have altered my state of mind.
Not my soul. Not my will.

I rise above the discrimination, I rise above the  genocide
I rise above the abuse from a King who has been stripped naked of self so I may one day spread the truth.
The truth regarding our Identity, our Roots and our Heritage.
I am ready to start the healing to regain the trust, to regroup and to prosper as a people.

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Destined to be