Melissa A. Howells

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Dreams so tactile
I never want to wake up.
The edges of them
touch me.
Half moon memories
folding over my body.
Leaving me serene, warm
in my bed.
The rest of the world is
dull normal,
I'm not completely in my head
in my cotton candy world
of dreams,
a place that
shimmers and dazzles.
So cunning.
Beckoning to me
with its sticky feathered fingers.
I am secure
surrounded by the fragrant skin canyons
of sleep.
Its pointillism clouds engulfing then
pulling me in
pore deep.
Images kissing my forehead,
annointing my mind.
Spiraling into a series of spaces
and sensations
where I become
what I find.
Dreams so tactile
I will never wake up,
lingering like coddled cream
a thinning ribbon of whiteness
in a bottomless
deep satin tea cup
of dreams.

Copyright March 4, 2012 All Rights Reserved By Author

Melissa A Howells  Meloo of Tilt-a-World

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