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Crime Rate (the human factor)

Swamped by this crime rate
      how can we escape
when mad men manipulate?
A family forever remember
       the dark date
vengeance took their son by mistake
Merciless Frankenstein was created
and fed by a mindstate
       filled with hate,
Vicious hands show up
to choose another man's fate, but wait
Give precious life another chance
      before it's too late
Precious life can end at a glance
Everybody's edgy and heated,
ready to do the deadly dance
      Please be seated
There's little compromise and much grief
Itchy trigger fingers and no peace
Growling and flexing and showing teeth
The true strength of the inner beast
Ruthless Frankenstein refuses
       to take a break,
We got a stalemate and no police
Anger will only increase at this feast
       before violence takes
You're thinking
A pack of raving wolves will die
       today aleast
Will the violence stop and the killing cease?
Another family stressed out and torn,
Trying to pray but the heart caught a thorn
The teeth of pure vengeance keep growing
Salty debates spreading seeds of hate
       and another Frankenstein is born

Copyrights 2012
Robert Anthony James

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Crime Rate (the human factor)