The soul has much to say

Teen imagination...(from the Recycled Collection)


Fall of 1988
18 years old
Nothing to lose
Everything to gain

Drinking beers
with Sandy
Queen of
Puerto Rico

and at the heart

Jersey City State
Academic shelter
Afraid of the
real world

Sharing dreams
between sips
Singing away
our anxiety

Teen imagination
Bayonne bridge
Our road to

The promise
of friendship
No matter where
life takes us

A kiss
just because
Who knows
about tomorrow

Walking along
Route 440
Hand in hand
soul to soul

Adolescent gumbo
Co-ed dorm
A return to
the uncivilized

Tasting her lips
one last time
before anyone notices
A secret well kept

Sweet pledge
Same time
same place
same sunset

I'll always
the age
of innocence

(Written November 10, 1988)

Cheap Trick The Flame

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Teen imagination...(from the Recycled Collection)

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