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Safe Within Grandma's Gate  

The Gate Pictures, Images and Photos

Safe Within Grandma's Gate

As a small child running through an enchanted forest
Dreams and magical surprises
Forest creatures dancing on the pathways
Going back in my mind
To the one week visits
In the summer
At grandma's house
A true delightful time
My brother, sister, and I shared
Grandma's house sat back from the road
Her house reminded me of a quaint charming cottage
Being curious children we loved  to roam
For our protection, yes there was a gate
Under grandma's watchful eye
We were told to never open the gate
And leave on our own
We were to play in the back and front yard
In the back yard, I remember this very large hole in the ground
It looked large at least to a child's eyes
Grandma used to say, "never play near that hole"
She said that if we fell in, no one would ever get us out
She said there were snakes in the hole
We believed her
Lots of space to run and play
There were apple and peach trees
Grandma had flowers and a garden
She would sing, the words
"I come to the garden alone
while the dew is still on the roses"
We ran and chased butterflies and insects
At night we were in awe of fireflies
Inside on rainy days, the attic full of treasures was fun
Sitting around the kitchen table
Sun shining bright through the windows
We would eat a delicious breakfast cooked by grandma
I can see grandma wearing an apron
Oh! such happiness and wonder as a child
Listening to grandma's stories
Feeling her warmth and love
Safe within grandma's gate

İMarch 16, 2012 Janet Irene Griffin


Safe Within Grandma's Gate



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