Tattoos in Mayberry

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You were lost in the city when I called your name.
Living with strangers playing a fools game.
And, I screamed to your heart just as loud as a train.
Whenever you're hurting, I feel your pain.
I've loved you forever, don't ask to explain.
Miles apart from the crowd, my saving grace.
When our lips came together,kissing your face.
I screamed to your heart, in a voice loud and plain.
When you're sad and lonely, I feel your pain.

I'd searched now and forever, since before time began.
My mortal soul has roamed over sea,air,and land.
Before Cain slew Abel and God made the rain.
I've loved you forever, both wild and tame.
With a love old so ancient, so unashamed.
When you're not here by my side,
I feel the pain.

Collaborative Effort
Vince Johnson &
Buddy Bee Anthony

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I feel your pain.