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Using Wisdom

Forget not what you have been taught,
And keep the commandments in mind;
For the things on earth you have sought,
Will not keep you gentle and kind.

They cannot give you the long life,
Neither the good years nor the peace;
All that they will give you is strife,
And frustrations that will not cease.

Let not mercy and truth depart,
Have them fastened around your neck;
Engraving them into your heart,
To have no matter where you trek.

Then God will find in your favor,
With much success within His sight;
Of your past then He will waiver,
Your sins and you enter His light.

Trust the Lord with all of your heart,
Let His Spirit into your soul;
And God can give you a fresh start,
So obedience takes control.

Do not always try to perceive,
Acknowledge God to be your guide;
Allowing your faith to believe,
He will lead you if you abide.

Do not consider yourself wise,
Turn away from your evil ways;
Fear the Lord and then through His eyes,
He heals you as you sing His praise.

Copyright   2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Using Wisdom