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God Always Has a Reason

When life trials come I may not understand
God always has a reason by His divine plan
This week He brought two job opportunities
One in my field has more hopeful possibilities

Events all started with a phone call on Tuesday
Entry level position with appointment Wednesday
General knowledge test and complete application
Hard test when given 12 minutes for 50 questions

Calculate freight charges, helping AP, and invoicing
Main job description with math skills and reasoning
Last part I am very capable and could learn the rest
Screening method seemed unfair but I did my best

Just when I needed an extra uplift God came through
Exciting call for purchasing reflecting His timing too
Also entry level with phone interview set for Friday
Next step in-person interview to decide in 7-10 days

Job description seems to closely match work history
Not only purchasing, but also the hardware industry
Their area of specialty is fasteners and power tools
Using many product lines of former employer too

Month earlier I applied then forgot about the position
With failed temp job and scope during the transition
God knew I needed time to recover from the procedure
Company delay in contacting me was His plan for sure

If prior four month temp job had eventually worked out
Another job I could not have considered without a doubt
God had a reason in the plans He already had in store
Now I watch and wait for His leading to the right door

© Carol S. 3/17/12

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